Last November 22nd the Third Iberian Robotics Conference was hold in Sevilla with the objective of showing the robotic research and development of new applications. UTEK took part with the paper “High reliability unmanned vessels”

LEUS (Long Endurance USV Solution)

First general purpose unmanned vessel developed by UTEK. It is used as test platform and technological prototype. It is based in a 6,70 meters Narwhal RHIB with a 150 HP Mercury Verado engine. The vessel is controlled from a remote station with a radio link allowing the interchange of telemetries and telecommands for the control.
The prototype named SV01P (Surface Vehicle 01 Prototype), can reach a top speed of more than 42 knots with a high maneuver capability.
Its load capability allows to embark payloads near to 1,000 kg. so, it is an adaptable platform for different applications.
A Ground Control Station is available to control the USV and receive telemetries.
The SV01P offers different configurations, from the basic with a direct control link system to completely autonomous with OTH (Over The Horizon) links.