LEUS (Long Endurance USV Solution)

First general purpose unmanned vessel developed by UTEK. It is used as test platform and technological prototype. It is based in a 6,70 meters Narwhal RHIB with a 150 HP Mercury Verado engine. The vessel is controlled from a remote station with a radio link allowing the interchange of telemetries and telecommands for the control.
The prototype named SV01P (Surface Vehicle 01 Prototype), can reach a top speed of more than 42 knots with a high maneuver capability.
Its load capability allows to embark payloads near to 1,000 kg. so, it is an adaptable platform for different applications.
A Ground Control Station is available to control the USV and receive telemetries.
The SV01P offers different configurations, from the basic with a direct control link system to completely autonomous with OTH (Over The Horizon) links.