Summary of press reléase

UTEK get a grant of «Cheque Innovación» Program

UTEK presents its new USV Kunai

The USV KALUGA DS shows its capabilities in REP(MUS)21

UTEK, LEONARDO HISPANIA y MILTECH, show the USV «KALUGA DS» for defense and security applications

UTEK and 5TONIC collaborate in the testing of LTE-based unmanned vessels

UTEK participates in the emergency simulation at EuCNC 2019

UTEK joins laboratory 5TONIC

UTEK performs the first collaborative trials with two USVs

UTEK demonstrates an autonomous system for training in Surface Warfare (SUW) operations

UTEK in the final conference of European Project PICASSO

ECUVE (Environmental Control with Unmmaned Vessels)

UTEK get a grant of «Cheque Innovación» Program