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“Kaluga” will follow its validation in real scenarios with the integration in the SP Navy vessel “Furor”. In that case, it will be integrated not only with the Command & Control System but also with the new communications concept of “5G Combat Cloud”.

Nato Repmus23

The new USV “Kunai” developed by UTEK for the SP MoD will participate in the exercise operated by a join team of UTEK and SP Navy personnel integrated in Troia Command & Control System.


UTEK was invited by the Spanish Navy to participate in this yearly exercise to test the capabilities of the SP Fleet. This year was the first time that unmanned systems was integrated in the operations. “Kaluga” was operated from the SP Frigate “Santa María” performing all type of missions during the exercise.

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Thanks to the great results obtained in REPMUS21 Spanish Navy invited UTEK to integrate “Kaluga” in the SP vessel “Audaz” to participate in DYM22, the first NATO exercise with unmanned systems integrated in the operations. UTEK made not only a physical integration but a total interoperability with the Vessel Command & Control System.


Spanish Navy invited UTEK to participated in this exercise with the USV “Kaluga”. The objective was the demonstration of unmanned systems capabilities in real operational scenarios. This is a yearly exercise coordinated by the Portuguese Marhina and conducted in Troia (Portugal).

First Spanish registered USV

In 2021, the USV ECUVE (Environmental Control with Unmanned Vessels), co-financed by the Regional Government of Canary Islands and with the participation of PLOCAN, was the first USV certified and registered in Spain following the regulations of the Marine Merchant Directorate.

Picasso Project

Co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union a pilot demonstration was performed in 2018 at SAGGAS facilities (Port of Sagunto, Valencia, Spain) to validate the use of multibeam 3D sonars installed in an autonomous boat for the automatic detection of submarine threats or suspicious objects in port waters.