About Us

UTEK is a company specialized in the development of unmanned systems. Its activities cover all phases of the product life cycle concept, development, integration, test, training and operation. High reliable, advanced performance ad-hoc solutions adapted to client requirements.

The core of the systems is a proprietary set of technologies providing unmanned capabilities, payloads integration, communications and ground control station. Final configuration is defined according to user’s needs and constrains.


César Martínez


He has a Bsc in Aerospace, a Msc in Physics and a Phd in Communications. More than 20 years of experience working at the Defense research institute INTA as a systems engineer, project manager and head of systems engineering area at Space Programs Department.

Eduardo de Diego


He has a Bsc in Communications and a Msc in Electronics. More than 25 years of experience working at the Defense research institute INTA as design engineer and project manager in projects related to communications, electronics, EW, radar, unmanned systems and space.

Valle Remesal

Legal representative and HR Manager

Masters’ Degree in Human Resources Direction and Management. Highly experienced, 27+ years in multinational and multicultural environment. Human Resources Responsible in the Norwegian company DNV.

Deep knowledge of labor legislation. Expert in all Human Resources tasks and duties and knowledge in Financial task and duties.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Utek, we believe in corporate social responsibility and are committed to contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we operate. Our focus is on:

  • Environment: Reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Education: Collaborating with institutions and organizations for innovative STEM education programs.
  • Technological Innovation: Developing advanced solutions in unmanned vehicles and electronic devices.

At Utek, we operate ethically and transparently, and we are dedicated to making a difference and building a better future.

Join us on our journey towards innovation, social engagement, and positive impact in society!