ECM POD uJammer

Both the war in Ukraine and Iran’s recent drone attacks on Israel have highlighted the importance of RPAS in air-surface operations and, on the other hand, the ease of anti-aircraft defenses in shooting down these aircraft due to their vulnerability, mainly due to lack of onboard equipment that can deal with them.

Although there are various on-board electronic warfare systems on the market, these are heavy, high-consumption equipment that is totally incompatible with installation in the majority of RPAS currently in service.

To solve this lack, the Madrid company UTEK has continued to focus on innovation, in this case with a new payload called “µJammer”, a payload consisting of an electronic warfare (EW) pod compatible with most class I, II RPAS. and III. It is a small system, weighing only 5 kg and consuming less than 60 W, which allows it to operate with its own batteries and whose operating philosophy does not require the use of ELINT systems, thus reducing its complexity.

The “µJammer” is designed to be able to be destroyed if necessary and is a piece of equipment that can be easily integrated into the platforms that will be controlled in a simple way through their own flight control. The system has various operating techniques to circumvent the ECCM of the target/threat and its working band can be adapted, depending on the needs of the mission, between 2 and 18 GHz.

In terms of applications, the system is intended for live-fire radar-based weapons testing, ECCM evaluation, operator training, ECM validation for subsequent implementation in manned systems and self-protection in attack operations.

uJammer EW ECM pod payload with Curare UAT